Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yesterday DH and I walked to the local stadium, Santiago Bernabeu, home of the Real Madrid futbol team. We walked there knowing that they were opening the doors for the first practice of the season, and that it was free to get in the stadium. This picture can not even begin to capture the size of the line. If you squint and you think you make out heads in the distance you are right. This was a line that snaked back on forth in a parking lot the size of a VERY large store...and this was only maybe half, of the line.

At a temperature of 38C, no shade, and not being fans of this team. We decide to skip seeing the stadium. Yesterday was only a practice, today Barca plays Real Madrid in that stadium. Apparently it will be a full stadium...with twice as many people. I believe it, the buses were parked a 1/2 mile out from the stadium as early as 2pm. This is the first game of the Season, and between two of the best teams in Spain. Barca of course is the best team in the Europe.

Futbol is power here, I bow to the power. We can hear the horns from our house.

Go Barca!

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  1. We watched that game! Tulio says "Felicidades madrid, No pueden jugar a el futbol"