Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cañmazo inspiración

My friends can tell you, that during the last couple of years I have found that there is one color I can not resist.
 AHH golden rod mustard'y goodness. I actually refer to this color as "Kryptonite" because I am powerless against it's charms.

The very week after the move I went into a local boutique/fabric store and was pleasantly surprised that they just got some yarn in. I had seen this yarn before in Barcelona at "All you knit is love". I had bought some then because it was completely made in Spain (grown, dyed, spun), also because I loved how they wound it.

I call it the yarn sausage.

 I bought two skeins, it is not the softest wool in the world and I am hoping that means that it is durable. I was told that this golden one was dyed with natural dyes. The other skein is a natural brown fleece color flecked with white. I of course could not resist my kryptonite and the fact that they were completely made in Castilla Leon region.

OK fast forward to Tuesday when DH and I went out to run errands and I convince him that he needs to come into the local needlepoint/fabric store with me to check it out. I was struck with inspiration....they had rugs made out of giant cross stitch!
I used to do a LOT of cross stitch as a kid, and lately I had been thinking of what I can make using this technique. I let the idea brew in my head for a few days and suddenly it came to me....stranded colorwork charts! Stranded colorwork is unlike regular knitting, for some reason the two colors pull the stitches into a square shape. So I ran to the computer and download my favorite norweigan star chart, worked some math, did a drawing, and I am well on my way to make a doormat.

What do you think?

I think the next one will be random shapes made out scrap yarns.

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  1. I'm IMPRESSED! I don't think I could make a toothbrush holder! That is the coolest idea!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that shade of mustardy goodness. As a matter of fact my current favorite dress is that shade and I have several other things in my closet that reflect it as well. Yummers. Thanks for stopping by the blog! Be good all the way over there now! :)