Monday, August 15, 2011

Small details

I have not been posting much lately because I have a crippling homesickness and I did not want to whine. Since I have not lived in the State that I consider home for quite some time, this stabbing homesickness is surprising to me. After all I have my husband and my kitties with me, and shortly, I will have the household goods that I shipped from the US here as well. That should make it 'home' but it does not.

I can see now how Madrid will become home in the future, but now it is the very smallest details that can bring homesickness back to me. One of the biggest adjustments for me is that I have never lived in a big city. I have lived in large cities in the US, but those cities were spread out. Here, I am in a more 'built up' area than I am used to. 
My most recent bought of homesickness was brought on by the rain. It stormed here for the first time we were in this apartment, and as I rushed to the window to see just how strong the storm was, I realized that I judge the strength by how much the leaves of trees are whipped around.

I can not see any trees from my window, and I suddenly felt trapped and very far away from home.

It is the small details that makes up not fit in, be homesick, or even enjoy things. 

One really good thing about living in a big European city IS the sheer amount of small details. On a walk that DH and I took through a nearby neighborhood we saw this little guy decorating a fence of a church:
Looking up at the top of the gate you can just make out an abstract dragon face, I have no idea if they did that on purpose, but I hope that they did.

Small details make the difference in knitting too. I have just finished a pair of socks! they have the Cat Bordhi's tomato heel construction. The little detail of the heel make the socks fit so much better, look nice, and they are super easy to knit without dragging around a pattern.

What small details are effecting you?

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