Saturday, September 17, 2011


I finished this a while ago I just need my blocking wires and time and space to block this.
This is Asterope by Romi Hill it is part of her design book titled 7 small shawls.

What makes this Special and ubersoft and squishy is that fact that it is made out of my handspun. It is from a beautiful colorway called "Sweet potato" my Miss Babs. It is Pollworth wool - a very soft but long stapled breed of sheep.

I love the stubble striping effect this yarn has, I love the girl lacy crocheted boarder. I made the large size since I spun over 600 yards, and this is a medium sized shawl.


  1. I haven't been commenting often, but I am reading, and just needed to say how INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS this shawl is. I wish I could see it in person!