Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3D Egg shaped needle felting fun

These were needle-felted as part of my egg head inspiration week. For some reason I was inspired to create one a day with only the rough guideline of a ball or oval shape being the starting point.

 Beaver - What can I say? It started off as more no specific species and morphed into a beaver, even down to the yellow teeth. I did start out with just the facial features being flat against the head. I put it down for the night and the next day I thought, "Yes! he needs 3D features" and started adding more wool to the the nose, cheeks, and eyes. 
Some advice to other needle-felters out there, it is amazing what out-lining a feature can do. The smallest line of black or pink can really make a feature (such as an eye) really pop and become more believable.

 Purple head - I am so proud of that hat. It is hollow and the brim took for ever. I love the fact that his skin is purple but the rest of him looks so normal. I knew from the start that I wanted him to have a bowler hat, it was after doing some research on google images that I realized that he needed both a mustache and a monocle too. I decided to make his other eye a pale green color because it went with the purple themed skin. I decided not to put little feet on him because it took away from the effect of " everything is normal except for the colors".

Black cat - this is a cartoon version of my cat. He often gets bug eyed stares on his face. I really had fun filling out the features on this head to make them stick out, especially the nose.

What I have learned: Making Cartoon animals is so fun and freeing. There is no tying to work out all the little details to make it realistic. Plus you can have googly eyes and strange colors.


  1. Those are SO cute!! I love needlefelted animals.

  2. These are the MOST AMAZING CRITTERS !!!!!! Kayster, I have this vision of you making a mini puppet show with your felted characters. Well, how about a video of a puppetshow ? (I love puppetshows, going to see one tomorrow night)