Friday, October 5, 2012

Needle felting 3D time.

Lately I have ben having a need to be creative. Just choose to make something, and not really care how it turned out. (Which is a harder concept then some of you might think, at least for me.) I guess that I say lately, but I made these needle felted monsters August 25-28th, and it is about time that I share them.

I made these monsters, one a day for four days, to try out different shaping techniques and to help expand my creativity.

We have your run of the mill one eyed horned monster:

Mutant crab monster:

Mutant three eyed bunny head monster.

Two legged lizard/dino monster. At this point I stopped the series, but I learned a lot and it was very freeing. Plus I have a stack of monsters now. Who knows, maybe the local hand craft stores will want to sell them for me. Maybe I should make kits?

Does anyone else get these runs of creativity?


  1. Stop right here. These are singularly the *coolest*... no.. the HOTTEST... no.. no... the absolutely most amaaaazing things I've seen on your blog yet. Omg.. these should be your calling. Oh, I don't mean to insult you, but they are a d o r a b e and very entertaining ! I can't get over them. Okay, I'll shut up now.... :)