Monday, October 15, 2012

Segovia - the buildings

I took about 190 photos of Segovia. What I post here, and in the previous posts,  are just the highlights. However, this is a picture heavy post.

Segovia is so picturesque that it is hard to take a bad photo. Here is an old church with the sun caressing it's curves.

The Alcazar castle that Queen Isabella the first was crowned, and it is believe that this castle was an inspiration for some of Disney's castles.

An stone monastery in the center of town.

 It is a city where it is possible to have layers and interesting angles as it is located in the hills.

Again the textures come into play

In the distance  starting with the second peak from the left, is "the dead woman". In the shape of the mountain peaks (click to enlarge) you can see the profile of (from left to right) her face, her bossom with hands folded over, and then her feet. When you drive by this range you can even see an eye and an eyebrow, it is very cool.

It is a city where there are cool things to buy, and even better displays. Note the cork aquaduct.

 And fo course the aquaduct itself. A sight that I think, will never cease to awe me.

 Things are going well here. So far the apartment hunt is going well. I finally got a post out on my new blog yesterday. It takes quite a bit of time, because I need to research the history in Spanish, then sit down and write my findings in English, then turn around and write it agan in Spanish without satisfying the urge to plagiarize. It is not as easy as I thought to match up the two languages,. Also it has finally happened...I know words in Spanish that I do not know in English. I guess that is a good sign?

The job hunt continues, there is a depressingly small amount of jobs I can apply too. I really look forward to moving into the new place so that I have space to get my side business underway. 

I leave you with Rome's gift to Segovia to commemorate the aquaduct. Yes that is two children nursing from a wolf. If you are curious about the old Roman legend go here.

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