Wednesday, October 10, 2012

¡New spinning blog / un nuevo blog de hilado!

Ok So I have finally taken the plunge and started another blog. This is a bilingual blog in both Spanish and English about the history of spinning in Spain, and all things spinning related in Spain. I am not sure what exactly is going to come out of this blog, but I felt that it had its place on the web.

You can find it here:
You can also always find it under my blogger profile.

I will continue my personal blog here, but if you are interested in Spinning techniques, or history in Spain I invite you to follow the other blog as well.

Vale, pues he empezado otro blog. Este es un blog bilingüe en inglés y español sobre la historia del hilado en España, y todas las cosas relacionadas con el hilado en España. No estoy muy segura sobre cómo irá este blog, pero creo que tiene un sitio en la red.

Podéis encontrar este nuevo blog aquí:
También podéis encontrar el enlace a este nuevo blog dentro de mi perfil en Blogger.

Voy a continuar con mi blog personal aquí, pero si estáis interesados en las técnicas de hilado, o la historia del hilado en España, os invito a seguir mi otro blog.


  1. I wonder if you'd prefer to have your spinning blog be the one you have in the rss feed on your page in Ravelry? :) THats where I see you've posted something. I think a spinning bilingual blog is wonderful !

    1. That is something that I have been thinking about. Then I can link the two together and you can make the hop from blog to blog if you want. Good idea!

      Confession: one of the reasons I made it bilingual is to force me to practice my Spanish more. You might not be able to tell, but I right now have the editorial help of my husband for "polishing up my Spanish". It is is learning experience for me. I was going to do a straight up Spanish blog, but it is so much easier to write in English, I write in English first and then make the translation. As a result both languages might be a little bit on the simple side, i.e. not literary, for a while. But hey as long as the information is out there. :)