Saturday, October 27, 2012

Creativa Madrid

Last weekend I went to Creativa Madrid. I have never been to an indoor crafting event, much less in Spain, so I was not sure what to expect. 

This event was about crafting in general and has many different types of crafts represented: cross stitch, bobbin lace, patchwork, sewing, machine embroidery, knitting/crocheting, scrap-booking, and quilting to name a few.

For some reason, even though there was a lot of Space, the booths were crowded together. It was a lot smaller event than I thought that it would be, and way better attended then I ever imagined. It was crowded. I had to use all my European big city skills to get through the crowds. But I think that it is a good sign for the continuation of crafting in Spain. 

Note that they had a section for the little ones, to enable them to crafting early.

There was one whole stand, very popular (I do not know how I got this photo) of just bobbin lace and bobbin lace suplies.

There was a lot of quilting and patchwork there, more than any other craft. I think I need a sewing machine soon...

How beautiful and Spanish are these?

Next year I should be prepared and find out how to take some of the workshops. For example there was a man there that did egg carving, on eggshells! That class would be worth the price alone just to see how he does it. I mean I know that he uses a dremel, but still. 

Everyone taking the workshops looked like there were having so much fun!

The convention center is located inside the Casa de Campo park, I have no idea what this building facing the convention center is, but obviously I need to explore this park more.

If anyone can explain this ad to me, go ahead. Why only 5 nights?

We saw my first Rainbow in Spain. Wave goodbye to the treeless view outside my windows, in less then a week we will be living by a park!

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