Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best gloves ever! Knit One Knit All

This is the lastest book from Schoolhouse Press of Elizabeth Zimmerman's designs. I was so excited when I heard that this book was coming out! I had to have it. Getting this book in Europe can be a bit tricky. None of the Amazon's in the EU have it (or at least when I was looking for it). I eventually got it from Loop in London.

It is a truly beautiful book made of quality paper with EZ's watercolors marking chapter breaks.
Th book is written in true EZ's style with enough information for you to recreate the pattern, but not overloading you on information. Like all of EZ's books the patterns can be adjusted fairly easily, and are written with a minium of hand holding. I have only knit one project so far, but as I am a big fan of her and Meg Swansen's work, I really will enjoy exploring the patterns.

The very first project I had to make out of this book were the garter stitch gloves.
These have the potential for being the best fitting gloves ever! The short rows mean that the back of the glove have the space and shape for the knuckles, and the thumb is the most thumb shaped thumb I have ever seen. The ridges of the garter stitch make the glove stylish, and believe should be less slippery than a stocking stitch glove. 

Unfortunately when I got gauge (un-washed swatch, my fault,) they made a huge glove. This being a superwash sock yarn meant that they got even bigger (again I should have known). They should be good for a large man’s hands.

Just do not make the mistake that I made and make two of the same hand. (I had to turn one inside out, and well it is not REALLY noticeable, you can see it when you look for it.
I am knitting these again, with smaller yarn and needles for me! I bet those of you who know me can just guess what color (hint look at the banner).

I am going to probably be making some of the baby garments next, as a lot of people I know are expecting.

Things are incredibly busy on the new job front. As an example both Tuesday and Thursday were notional holidays this week, and I still worked 50 hours or so. The good news is that as I learn my job the amount of time I have to study on my off time should go down.

Next week I go to Barcelona for a bit over the holidays and I am looking forward to the break and the yarn shopping. 

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