Sunday, November 20, 2011

Un-expected Art

A little trip downtown to find the Social Security office.

Waiting for the bus and capturing the blush of fall on the trees.

Look at the rosy glow we have in the evening here. I love it!
 Going back home from the office we found an un-expected surprise. It would have probably not been unexpected if we read tour guides of the city, or if I had understood a Spanish friend better when she told me of this.

First we walked down a long set of stairs and gradually heard water over the traffic noise. We looked underneath the bridge and saw a magnificent man made water fall.

What we had stumbled on to was the Open air Sculpture Museum of Madrid.
I took the following information from this website.
 The Public Art Museum is located under the flyover built in1970 to join the streets of Juan Bravo and Eduardo Dato and accommodates 17 abstract sculptures designed by 17 Spanish artists. It is an open air museum in which the city, the inhabitants and art merge in one same space

This looks like a penguin from this side. The picture after next shows the other side.

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