Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall walk

I have no idea sometimes how I can be so busy with just three things to do. I have to: 
  • Study Spanish
  • Keep the house up/run errands (this is a thing I do by myself because I do not bring money in right now, all other times we split chores)
  • Look for a job
And for some reason there are not enough hours in the day. This blog post, I hope, will remind me that I can drive myself crazy and get claustrophobic holed up in the apartment, and to just get out and walk pointlessly more often. Today before I did the shopping I took the long way to the park, and in doing so soaked in some long awaited autumn colors. First I noticed that the locust trees were turning yellow and went down to a local school to capture the color with some background ambiance. I love that building.

 Then I realized I was skewing peoples view point of what Madrid really looks like and took a picture down the street to show a more "real" view. If you click to enlarge this photo you can nicely see a young man giving me the look I get when I whip out my camera, I am getting quite used to it. HAHA the things I do for my readers.
 As an avid lover of all things bright and sunny I was surprised to find that I was enjoying immensely the fine mist of this grey November day. Also it was quite a surprise to see now that it is cooler, Madrid is turning brillant green.
Here is a nice fall view of our local chunk of the Berlin Wall. I like to pretend that the "VE" on the wall was half of the word "love", although I know that it is probably not.
 These pictures are a bit misleading, there is not this much fall color walking down the street here. I just happen to live by one of the prettiest parks in Madrid, and this park has an amazing verity of plants.
 This was my view of the Berlin Wall fountain as I sat and quietly crocheted. It was relaxing, and beautiful. I think this is my favorite bench in all of the park. When you sit here you are under a tree, and the sound of water falling is so tranquil. There is another large fountain in a roundabout to my right as I sit here (actually just behind the sign in the photo above.)
 I love the colors of Fall. They look great on me and they just glow. Here is what I was working on, a nice fall-ish golden yellow. It is a crocheted motif, that I am join together to make a lacy cardigan out of. It will look a bit better after I block it, this just came off my hook.
 Then I got some more looks as I took a picture of myself. Just look at all of those colors together.
 Go take a fall walk yourself, before it is over and it is too late.

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  1. Precioso el Otoño en Madrid ¿verdad?
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