Friday, November 11, 2011

Walk up Serrano

I had to go downtown today for an interview. Since I decided to walk part way back I took pictures.
I figured people like to see pictures of Madrid.
Here is a garen on a corner of an intersection in front of a museum. Do you see that sign on the left? It is a political advertisement, right on the sign! Presidential elections are on the 20th of November..
Here is a house I have been meaning to take pictures of this house for a while. I pass by it on the bus going down town. Apparently it is a church. What is so special about this church?
 It has statues on the roof! Here is a falcon
 And here is a giant squirrel holding an acorn.

 My walk took me by this cute possessive lion. The image that is under the crown is the symbol image of Madrid.
 How picturesque are tile roof and shutters?
 Possibly the cutest power house I have ever seen, on another perfect autumn day.

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