Sunday, November 27, 2011

Signs of change

Many signs are around me right now.
There are signs that fall is turning rapidly into winter
 Signs of impromptu art
 Signs of graphic design genius
Signs of busy-nes.
Short post to let everyone know all is well. I am really busy settling into my new schedule and career. There is lots to learn and at times it is overwhelming all over again. I need to learn an entire new trade while keeping up with my Spanish studies. My DH and I need to relearn to share chores and errands that I had taken care of during my unemployment. I am getting used to the Spanish schedule of having lunch at 2-3 and dinner at 9-10.

So far my new job is going fairly well, and I can see the potential of it being a very fun and rewarding work.

I hope that everyone the celebrates it, had a nice Holiday weekend.
Mine was more unconventional then expected. I started work full time on Wednesday and worked until 9:30pm. I continued a schedule of both training and work on Thursday. However I made pumpkin yesterday, and life is good.

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