Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A day in Pictures

Last Saturday DH and I had a bumper day, doing a ton of errands and ending up the day in the museum, the Thyssen Museum of Art to be precise. 

One of the errands we had to run was in the Salamanca neighborhood, which I think that I have posted pictures of before but it just beautiful. From here we walked to the Goya shopping district.

Then after buying some clothes and eating the cheapest (but good) lunch ever, with food to spare, we hopped on the metro and took it to Retiro Park and then walked to the Thyssen (a somewhat scenic route).

I have wanted to see the Thyssen museum for quite sometime because I am a big fan of the impressionists, but there just never seems to be any time. I live in a city that is PACKED with museums, there are so many that I want to see. So following that advice of a podcaster I admire, I am going to go to at least one a month.

The Thyssen is a wonderful museum and way bigger then you'd think it is. They have a wide range of art, from classical renaissance to modern and everything in-between. You could spend all day wandering it's many halls, and we did not even get to the special exhibit. Their gift store actually had things that made me drool as well. You should check out the online version, you can order prints, on canvas none the less, for a reasonable amount.

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