Monday, March 26, 2012

Salamanca 2

More Salamanca.

I highly recommend you click to enlarge these pictures. These pictures are just a small taste of what we saw, I guess we took over 300 pictures even though we were there only about 24 hours.

These were taken on the first day.

Just look at the intricate detail on this church!

I included this one because it portraits how the Spaniards live in these old citys now days, and to an American it is fascinating. Plus I like the light on the palm. Do not let the palm fool you, it was cold.

Carved details were everywhere!
 We walked down the street to the Left on the photo and turned around to behold this sight.

This city is a photographers dream. Check out the sky, it is getting darker.

A nod to St Patty's day (which this was). We did not go in, because the party had already started. There were people with tall stovepipe Guinness hats all over the place.

Plaza Mayor of Salamanca. Not to be Blasphemous but I liked this one better then the one in Madrid.

 Please look closely at the little guys carved in to the side of this balcony it is stunning.

 I love really old roundy churches.

 Sorry this is more picture heavy then information heavy, we did not really learn about the history. Maybe next time around I will feel better, and we will have more time.

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