Sunday, March 25, 2012

Salamanca, the first

Last Saturday, the 17th, my husband and I headed out for a grand adventure, we were going on an overnight to Salamanca. Sure, I was a little sick, but that would not stop us. 

We would be fine,  after all I have worked with three years olds for a while now, and I seemed to be getting sick less. We were also ignoring the forecast for rain (finally) and below 0°C temperatures. We did have a good time (mostly) but as you can probably see, I am posting this over a week later. My Doctor did not allow me to work this week, and still wants to see me on Monday morning to make sure I am better, enough said.

So here we are a post, the first of many (I have a lot of pictures and mean to go back) about the wonderful Salamanca.

First we went to our local train station (not really but we live in the bario), and I saw this wonder shot of the four towers I just had to share.

I took several pictures of my new Jenkins Turkish "Jay" Spindle, and I got a lot of looks for it, unfortunately this was the best one. That is the dry scrubby area around Madrid and into Castle y Leon.

After a 2.5 hour train ride we were in Salamanca (so fun to say out loud)! And we were greeted by this statue of St George.

The first bar we saw was named after someone special to us, and it looks a bit like him too.

We stayed at the only five star hotel I have ever stayed at, and MAN it was nice, the picture below is a taste. If you ever go to Salamanca, I highly recommend that you look up this hotel, it was also a reasonable price, although we were probably there in the off peak season. A depressing note, we figured that this room and the bathroom was the same size as our entire apartment, AHH big city life.

Ok and here is a taste of what the next posts will bring to you (all of these photos were taken on my phone, the others were taken with a proper camera). This city is OLD, it has one the first University in Spain, founded in 1218, and every building is made out of this light colored stone with the most amazing details carved in them. I highly recommend that you click to make the pictures larger as you see these posts.

I also have not done much else this week other then knit and spin. I am knitting with handspun this week. Those pictures will be on there way soon too, for those of you that are interested. I designed a pair of fingerless colorwork gloves that I call my Aztec gloves, first colorwork out of handspun, they are gorgeous.

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