Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Salamanca the third

Here is a view of the park across from our hotel. Just look at how many benches there are! Also for those of you ever wondering, when I had my doubts about moving to Europe, it was partly due to the fact that I thought that they did this to trees all over. They do not do that in Madrid thanks goodness, but they trim the trees heavily in Barcelona.

A quiet little side street, with charming walls.

Everything looks like a castle!

 Ok so, Salamanca is known for a frog. It is a very famous frog. You see it below.

The reason that it is so famous, is because they have made it a game to spot this frog in amongst the detail that this wall holds. (Click to enlarge.) See if you can find the frog there. This is part of the University.

A Roman bridge, still in use.

I LOVE the side streets here.

There was a marching band performance. They were practicing for playing during Semana Santa (Easter week). I just wish I had felt better, and that it had been above 6 degrees C.

The Storks, they were everywhere, especially on top of old churches with their big nests.

 The Storks were soaring as the band was playing.

We watched for a while but eventually has to find a pharmacy and then go exchange our train ticket for an earlier one. I definitely need to go again. I hope you enjoyed the small peak into Salamanca.

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