Friday, March 30, 2012

Aztec mitts

I love and miss all things Southwest, so occasionally  I go on designing sprees. I knitted these while I was sick. I was sick for a week and these kept me entertained. 

What I had forgotten was just how much work I had put into the wool. I have no pictures of the yarn after it was spun. But the lower picture tells the story of the wool. This wool was white BFL. First I mixed food dyes and tested them on some white yarn (that you can see in the center. Then I dyed the four different colors and carded them together to create different sets of colors (also shown in picture). Then I spun the wool long draw, and put it away in storage for a while.
I now live in Madrid, and a byproduct of living here means that all of my notebooks are graph paper. It is very hard to get lined paper here. So I had been fooling around with grafting out colorwork designs while I waited in my job. I combined those doodle charts, along with some of the birds from the Andean mittens from Folk Mittens and I got these mitts.

Project notes. CO 60 Stiches, everything devisable by 5 except birds, which are 59 sts. Start the birds with the thumb and use one st for the gusset. The thumb was increased to 17 sts.

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