Sunday, April 1, 2012

Toledo train station

Saturday I went to Toledo, finally. I have been here for over 10 months and I had yet to see "one of the jewels of Spain".

As usual I have taken a lot of pictures and will probably spread out this visit over many posts.

The first thing we really saw of Toledo (especially me since I was looking out of the window on the side of the train facing away from the town) was the train station.

It was a good start. This has to be one of the prettiest train stations I have ever been in.

Built in 1919 this train station replaced an older, more utilitarian building.

It looks as though the only trains are to Madrid. Which kind of makes sense as Toledo is one of the places that tourist come to Madrid to see. Even though Toledo is in the providence of Castilla y la Mancha and not the providence of Madrid. This was also my first time in Castilla y la Mancha!

Look the old ticket windows were replaced with stained glass! So cute!

Th train station has an impressive little garden (hard to photographic because of the fence).

This was built in a neomudéjar (new Morish?) style. Do you see the green columns? Lovely.

More pictures and adventures to come.

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