Friday, April 6, 2012

Toledo Part 3

Ok full disclosure. I took over 300 photos of Toledo and there are more that I want to share (in this post) before I get to the Da Vinci exhibit. I figure that most of you come for either the updates on my adventures, or to see pictures of Spain, since that is what I mostly post. If that is not the case let me know. 

Today is Good Friday "Viernes Santo" which means that it is a four day weekend for most people here in Spain. My husband and I stayed home most of yesterday because the rain has finally come to Madrid! Since it was raining outside, and most of the indoor places to go were closed for the holiday, we stayed in.But we did go out to dinner at a very nice Asian place near our house. We rarely go out to dinner in Spain because, in Spain, early dinner (for the old people) start at 9pm, which is when we went. Haha.

While we were at dinner it occurred to me that one year ago (probably at that exact time) we had just gotten back to Durham from Barcelona. Meaning that one year ago today started the "7 weeks of hell", or, our mad dash out of the country. I am glad that I do not have to repeat that time ever again! This also means that in seven weeks I will have been here a year. Sometimes it is really hard to believe that I have been in my country for almost a year.

As I am writing this hail is falling from the sky, so we might not go explore the gardens of Madrid today either.

This street is a good example of the town. Steep medieval streets with the building crowded close together and lots and lots of decoration. I love the gold colored building in the background, I am thinking of doing a coffee table book, The Golden Houses of Spain", haha I already have several pictures for it.

I know that this bar is kind of corny for the tourist, but as I tourist I appreciated it.

All fo the local bakeries had this sweet bread in an eel shape, decorated, with "Toledo" on it. I have no idea why. It might be Marzipan I have found a link that states it which is alos a blog post about Toledo and Da Vinci.

Toledo is, of course, noted for it's fine Toledo Steel. The the sword or dagger are very popular shapes to find here.

The main square.

Another view.

A castle, of course, made of Marzipan. Ok actually it was part of the city wall, in fact with in about 200 ft or 150m from where we stood.

You can see the various styles of the city in this street.

So medieval!

Every building is a gem here. I fell I should point out that the place was crawling with tourist, which I have left out of the photos for aesthetic reasons. 

You can buy your own Conquistador helmet! Also a knight helmet, or a knight of Templar helmet!

A photo of a typical gift shop here. I love the black and gold etchings of this area (click to enlarge and look at the plates) and I might have bought a small clock made out of the same material.

This photo was taking to show the shield of Toledo. Which I think is dead cool.

There were these maps in the ground in front of the more importent historical areas.

Lastly, a view of the Cathedral from the back. This was taken from the entry way to the Da Vinci Exhibit. I think that I need to go to Toledo again.

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