Sunday, April 29, 2012

In the artsy mood

Friday I felt that needed to create, to be daring and to make something with impact out of mixed materials.

It is really rainy in Madrid these days (which is a good thing, but dreary), I had had a long week and needed some color and the meditation of creating something. So I pulled out some yarn, some wool, some wool felt, and, my watercolor crayons. I cut a piece of 100% wool felt from the Fieltro store off of Calle Mayor, and got to work.

I decided to use the gray yarn this time and just make random shapes with it. To my delight as I began to fill in the shapes with complimentary colors, the piece began to remind me of a Gaudí mosaic. After I filled in the shapes I had made I put another line of gray wool on top of the first. to make the lines more distinct. The I trimmed the edges to straight and you see what I saw in the picture below.

Then it was off to the iron to steam finish the wool. Ater that (and ironing all of my clothes, I miss dryers so much) I sat down to think how to finish this piece. Framing 2D needlefelting has always been an issue for me and I have never found a solution. I decided to cut out a bigger piece of felt, cut the same size hole as the original piece in the center, and baste the original piece onto it. I got the effect that I was hoping for, a 1mm height difference between the two pieces.

OK, now I need to do the daring part and play with mixed media. I embroidered the lines radiating out of the center piece with backstitch and the same gray yarn. (I have always loved the continuity of bring the frame into a piece.) Then I got out my water color crayons, a small glass of water with vinegar in it, in the hopes that the color would be more likely to fast, and got to work.

I do not know, I still have my doubts about this piece being finished. I think deep down in my heart I do not believe that I can make art, even though I firmly believe that everyone can make art. I think part of my thought process is that art should not be easy, and if I can do it, is it too easy?

Lately I have noticed this distinction in me and I have been pushing myself more to explore outside the box. I have the fear that if I take something a step further that instead of making something better I am going to ruin it. It upsets me, this feeling, after all, what am I really losing besides me time? What if countless artist and inventors before me had thought the same? Where would we be as a speices?

The sweater from the last post was a good example of me going ahead in spite of my fear, and designing a top out of my handspun that took my countless numbers of hours to spin, and was so thin and fragile I could not rip it out more then once. The top turned out well and I am happy with it, but still I wonder, how long will it take to trust my creativity?

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  1. It has to be said that many, if not most artists are notoriously unhappy with their own work and often fail to appreciate their own talent. I know I have the same problem, which sometimes time alone does mitigate. When I drag a piece out much later, after some period of time being out of sight, it often looks a great deal better! It's hard, maybe impossible, for one's art to live up to one's imagination. My artistic reality always seems to fall short of what's pictured in my mind.