Saturday, April 7, 2012

Toledo the forth

Da Vinci was a genius before his time, with the materials that he had to hand he came up with the most extraordinary machines. Also he drew pictures of precise human anatomy well before anyone else. 

In this exhibit we were allowed to take photographs of the wooden reproductions mades from Da Vinci's drawings.

A circular tank that could move in any direction with the use of wooden gears.

Close up of the gear system.

He came up with the basis of the helicopter! But sadly he did not have the material or technology to make one work.

His famous flying machine hose specs were used to help make the first airplane.

An ingenious paddleboat!

He came up with the bicycle! Maybe all of you already knew this, but I was stunned.

All of these were in a medieval building with soft medieval music playing in the background. The ambiance was perfect, and made this experience even more special. 
This wooden shield was taken off of the front of the building, restored, and placed inside. (Da Vinci did not make this.) FYI this was the only sign that I had to read in Spanish. The exhibit had an excellent English translation for each piece of Da Vinci's.

As we walked outside the tiny Museum.

A good pictures of what the surrounding area looks like.

I just love this picture of this monastery.

This is a close up of the circular window you see above. It looks like an old fashioned spinning wheel!

A beautiful place. This concludes my Toledo series for now, but I have a feeling that I will be going back.


  1. Wow,indeed. I am *also* stunned to know that DaVinci invented the bicycle! WHat an amazing person he was. His whole invention series is somehow so apart and different from what he is a household name for, and that is painting the Mona Lisa. THanks for this Kayster. xx

    1. Well at least he had sketched it out, I am not sure if it worked. On a whim I did some research and it looks like there is some controversy on that fact. But he did come up with this sketch and he was a genius. :)