Monday, April 9, 2012

Parque del Oeste

In Spain we usually have a long holiday for Easter. In fact I had a four day weekend, which was very nice.

I will let you look up Semana Santa and all of the images yourself, because in spite of our best intentions we did not get out to see any of the festivities. This was due to the fact that it rained...a lot. Which is good, but it left only Easter day fresh and beautiful enough to spend time outside.

We were going to go to Aranjuez, which is a small town with some extensive gardens and a palace, but we realized that the buses were going to be impossible on a holiday Sunday. So we hopped on the metro and went to park that we have been meaning to explore. Parque Del Oeste.

Most of my picture will just represent spring, and how lucky I was to capture the light just so.

There are parrots in Madrid. They ARE wild, as in the fact that they are not domesticated, but they are not native. They are cute though.

I fully intend to take this one day, it goes from this park to the top of Casa de Campo which is a big forested park on the East of the city.

We ended up back at the Temple of Debod, which has got to be one of my favorite things in Madrid.

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