Sunday, April 22, 2012

Urban Madrid

 Thursday I felt the artistic urge to capture some of Madrid's Urban-ess with my Iphone.

Starting with this picture I took for a friend who is into stitching. It is a poster for a play, it says "piel en Llamas" which means the name of the play is face in flames. I am not sure if I am ready to see that, but the advertisement was cool.

A view out the bus window at the mid-way point of my commute. I saw this view, and thought "I should capture this to share. This is true Madrid." 

I pass by this building two times a week. There is writing in at least 10 different languages on the walls, but I can never get a good picture as the bus is going highway speed.

Even in Business Madrid there are small old style European touches.

My bus stop after class. The bus stop right off of the highway.

I am more then a little intrigued by this building, and with the storm approaching, the background and lighting were perfect. I did not use any software to play with the colors in this photo (I rarely do) and what you see is what I saw.

Waiting at another bus stop.

Saturday we explored a different part of the neighborhood today and came across this building...

With this church right next to it.

And on the walk home we saw this sign. There you go the true Madrid, or "Madrid en realidad". I do not want to write it in English to avoid the football fans flooding my blog.


  1. Kay! los primeros sábados de mes tenemos reuniones en madrid knits! :) a la hora de siempre en el sitio de siempre. Sabado 5 de Mayo.
    un abrazo,

  2. Hey, thank you for your comment on my blog! I will be reading yours, and when I get to Madrid, vamos a tomar un cafecito, eh? :)