Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday in the Park with George

Ok I was not with George, but I could not resist.

I managed to convince my other half that taking a 15 minute bus ride to further explore the Parque de Buen Retiro was a good idea. Boy, I am glad that we went! (Despite the weather being a little off.) There is just so much more of that park that we have never seen!

Plus it is so good to be in a place just surrounded by greenery and flowers, and not buildings.

It has been a busy week again at work, but I have managed to get to a pont where I do not work on weekends, I can deal with it on Monday. A little sanity is now coming back into my life with this rule.

Anyway, this park is like the Central Park of Madrid. I get off the bus at the Puerto de Alcalá, which is a sight that I will never get tired off. 

This build across the way was getting renovated, and the renovation plastic had the windows printed on.

You can see that the weather was, well typical spring time odd. I took this picture one minute (at the gates entering the park).

Then I took this picture about 2 minutes later.

There are so many sections to this park. It is definitely a must see if you come to Madrid.

Spring flowers, does anyone know what these are?

This was the "forest of remembering" a memorial to all people whose death was caused by terrorism. This was by far the most beautiful memorial I have seen.

Then we got hungry and decided to hunt down some food and a beer. You have to go back to the more populated parts of the park for that. We snacked with this view in front of us of the boating pond.

The monument was of Alfonso the 12th, the "peacemaker" and was the first monument donated to the people of Spain and was built in 1902.

I was a good day in the park, I practiced a little Spanish with my DH, walked along peaceful flowering avenues, and had some kettle corn. Why does tomorrow have to be Monday?

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  1. Pretty pics! I love Retiro Park. We usually go running there. I never realized about the forest memorial though, I'll have to pay attention next time.