Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toledo - Part II

Hello everyone it is Holy week here in Spain (Semana Santa) an that luckily means that I have an unexpected day off. It is raining off and and on and we are expecting thunderstorms later in the day. What better time to bring you more pictures of Toledo?

We had to walk across a bridge into the town from the train station, and I just had to take a picture of this. It looks like something you can find in the SW of the States, you know, if you ignore the medieval wall in the background, and the Spanish road signs.

The walk across the bridge brought us some amazing views. That big building is the Armory museum, and it looks impressive up there on the hill. 

Here is an aside to mention the hills. They are San Francisco steep, the whole town is built on an hill!

There was a view of a prettier bridge then ours in the midst of a cañon that made my heart anche for Colorado. We got to cross that bridge on the way back, it is definitely medeveil. We sat for a bit on the left hand side thinking about the medieval guards that had to sit there to guard the city.

As an American, these medieval walls are things of fairytales to me. I have yet to get tired of seeing them juxtaposed against the modern Spanish lifestyle.

A photo to show just how steep the streets are.

Another view to show how modern and old go together here. If you click to enlarge the picture you see typical apartment buildings in the back. Can I just say I am madly in love with the Spanish tile roof? I love it madly in every form that I have seen.

I choose this shoot because it shows that this wall has been repaired, the gardian cross, and if you make it bigger you can get an idea of how thick the wall actually is.

You can see the strong Moorish influence all over the city.

Especially in this Mosque, HAHA.

Those little arches behind the scaffolding are painted like the Alhambra something that is on my wish list to see.

We paid the 2.5€ to get in, and got to see some vary old paintings in this tiny church.

I am going to do at least one more post about this day trip to Toledo. One of the things that we got to see was an Leonardo DaVinci Exhibit where they had reconstructed some of his ideas. It was vary fascinating and they let us take pictures!

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