Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finished some projects at last

Knitting/Spinning only post!

I finally finish some projects that I have been working on for a long time.

 This first project was made from some absolutely squishy and soft organic merino wool that I got from a swap. She never let me know how she like her swap package, but mine was awesome!

 I loved this organic merino, and I loved that it was from Spunky Eclectic. The wool was so soft and bouncy, and it practically spun itself. However, the colors are not ones that I can wear near my face (colorway was Periwinkle). 

So I decided to knit a half circle shawl EZ style, putting in different lace patterns as I went along, and then maybe dye it afterwards. I finished this shawl about 3 months ago. So after I finished the shawl began this sega of looking for the right dye. I live in a very small apartment that has a hallway/kitchen. My kitchen has a two burner stove. My storage space is so restricted we have in depth conversations about buying too many oranges at once. I knew that I dd not have enough space for a separate dye pot, and I also knew that I could potentially get dye powder all over my house (the hallway kitchen being in the middle).

 So I went on the hunt for frosting dyes. Frosting dyes are edible, therefore non-toxic and something that I do not need an extra pot for, or worry about me poisoning the family. I got some very weird looks as I hunted for my frosting dyes, but finally I remembered that Taste of America had nultiple kinds of frosting dyes, including Wiltons. I bought the 8 color set (the one I linked too) and 1.5 months later  finally had the time to play with them. I took some Golden Yellow, and a little bit of Spring Green and got this color. I like it! I made sure that I put in the golden undertone because that it what looks the best with my skin tone. 

Here it is after dying and pre blocked:

 Now it is in it's blocking shape and just has to dry.
Some close ups of the lace. I used a mesh lace pattern first.

Then after the fourth increase row I put in a  Totem pole,  p254, stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's 2nd Stitch Dictionary (all lace patterns uses here are from this book). Please see bottom picture as I did not get a close up.

Then after putting in a purl ridge, I used the Vine Stripe pattern, p272, for the next section.

I can not for the life of me remember what pattern  used on the bottom, it was only one repeat though, so it does not look like much. Maybe the Veined leaf pattern on p 302?

I was going with a leaf theme, so it was only fitting that the shawl end up a lovely springy yellow-green.

I finished a Ripley hat. It is in my kryptonite color and made out of the luscious and soft Malabrigo Twist. I think this hat will get some use, it is finally getting cold here in Madrid and this color, and uber-slouchy hats are so in right now.

 You can see how the color goes with my skin tone. ;)
This is a very nice pattern, like all of this designers' work. 

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