Monday, February 20, 2012

Four towers

A week ago I had to go up to this area. I will be going again this morning.
This is one of the four towers, it is my favorite, because with it's handle it looks as though you can just pick it up and carry it away. 

Just look at how that early morning sun is hitting it.

I love Spanish style buildings in this color, what can I say?

Coming back to this area was very interesting. This area was were we stayed our first week in Madrid. Both of us traveling bak this way has brought back the feelings of insecurity and adventure that we had that first week. It was a period of adventure, but also fear for both of us. We had no idea wether we would even be living here for any length of time, and in a very real way we gave up almost everything to be here.

Here was our first park in Madrid.

Here are the four towers "Los Cuatro Torres" The tallest buildings in Spain. There are very handy landmarks, in more ways then one. :)

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