Sunday, February 26, 2012


Even though this winter has been very mild (so everyone here says), I am very happy that spring is here.

I though that maybe spring was here, and then today left no doubt in our minds as we walked across the park to go have lunch at a Mexican restaurant. There were flowers everywhere!

The sun was shinning, people were in the park in just their t-shirts, and that "spring feeling" was in the air. You know the one, the one you cannot describe, but you recognize every year that when you feel it.

That quality in the air that makes you think of new beginnings,and the possibility of a summer spent longing in the sun.

You pass fellow pedestrians with smiles on their faces, and dodge the running kids at play.

The sky has a special "glow" to it, somehow spring blue is deeper then winter blue.

You can sense that the trees are gathering up their energy to sprout leaves and flowers.

The city's fountains have been cleaned in preparation for the long season ahead and are merrily splashing.

The parks are full to bursting as everyone is out to welcome the spring with grins and musical laughter.

The roses have already started putting forth their buds.

Happy spring everyone!

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