Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saturday adventures

Random Saturday adventures!
We had to do a lot of shopping and really crisscrossed the town.

Here is a European robin, there are the size of a Finch!

Here is a rug made out of leather scraps, I can not picture anyone wanting one of these, but it is interesting.

I am going to start taking more pictures of interesting buildings in Madrid. There are a lot of modern buildings that are fascinating. I past this one at least four times a week.

And here is the one across the street:

This building is gorgeous, but I think abandoned. Maybe they are just re-doing it, but a lot of the windows were bricked up.

We had lunch at a very cute bar, that had good food, good prices, good beer, and good presentation.
Side note: I find Tempura a lot here, even though we do not eat out much. It's odd given the lack of foreign food here in Spain.

We also had to go to Las Rozas, where in a huge mall the state of the economy was really brought home to us. A lot of the shops were closed, or empty. There was nice plantings inside though.

And I found Chocolate sheep!

We didn't have time to explore the town, but we past the church in the setting sun. There was a wedding going on and the bells were ringing, it was breath taking.

Back in Madrid, I realized where we were solely do to a yarn store. El Punto was just around the corner, but unfortunately closed. But I was able to remember a bus that would take us all the way home (no transfers) and I was pretty proud that I knew that because of my yarn obsession.

I did take some quick (and a little blurry do to lack of light) pictures of the area for my dear blog readers.

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