Monday, February 27, 2012

Golden sweater

Remember the yarn from this post?

I made it into a sweater of awesomeness.

The yarn is super wash and it "grew" a bit so the sleeves are longer then I would have liked, but this yarn is better knitted up as Dk weight.

I need to find someway to make the button band not as "gappy", maybe some gross-grain ribbon?

Maybe also some gross-grain ribbon along the back neck?

But overall I am very happy with the way that this has turned out.

Pattern notes:

The short rows at the collar are a bit tricky and you have to really pay attention at first.

Mods: I made this more A-line, and if I did it again I probably would not. Also I knit this sweater in the round and steeked it. I added waist shaping (I really did not read the pattern except for the yoke and the sleeves). I added an applied I-cord up the front and made I-cord loop for the "buttonholes".

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