Thursday, February 9, 2012


Saturday I had a friend able to come and pay me a visit in Madrid. We only had one day, but we had a great time.

Even though it was so cold that effected a German we knew (I am assuming that I am now a cold wimp, and that Germans are not) we spent most of the day outside. It was your typical glorious sunny day in Madrid, so everything was beautiful even though the wind had quite a bite.

I only got a couple of pictures, mostly because it was a pain to take out the camera, but also because this is starting to feel more like home, more like my city. Please don't get me wrong, it is still very weird that I live in Spain, but less so every day. I find myself weaving through the crowded sidewalks like a native, and when I take public transportation the stares don't bother me as much. In fact, I have finally had the courage to knit on the metro, twice! It serves as a great relaxer to knit before I have a class with 11, 3 year olds! :)

But I digress...
We had the perfect day, yarn shopping in the morning, and tapas and wine and beer through the afternoon and into the night.

I got some stunning pictures of Plaza Mayor

 I got some pictures of El Jardín Principe de Anglona which is a small 17th century garden right downtown. You can not see much of the garden but you can see the wall, and the wonderful pink light of Madrid that makes the city so photogenic.

 Some days I feel so lucky.

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